News for May 22nd, 2006

So, I wanted to bring Nitui's new character into the comic and this seemed like a good place to do it.  There you go, Innocence. 

I'm sorry, what was that?  You're wondering about Ninja?  Oh, yeah, guess I left that hanging.  Well, just as soon as I write something for that we'll continue the story.  Ok, I have something down, and if I am happy with it, we'll run it Friday.

In other news, we've been watching the series Alias on DVD, thanks to my brother Neo.  True it is season 1, but we like to let a series stew in its own juices before we watch.  Not bad, we are fairly hooked so far.

Two game for you to play with. 

Planarity is an old game, but it is an interesting one.

The second game, Blooming Gardens,  it is a slow moving game but there is definitely something addictive about it. See you Friday.

Okay now Ninja is just getting down right mean. :oD Isn't it supposed to be the artists that are the fussy ones? Well don't let him fool you once that script is down on the page it's all me that is fuss fuss fuss. I think this is the first time in almost a hundred comics…and yes we're rapidly approaching that…that he wasn't happy with a script once it was down.

Oh speaking of, we're gonna need your help celebrating our 100 th comic. So, look for our events in game and out, coming up in the next couple of weeks.

The weekend was pretty good we had a BBQ that it threatened to rain on but in the end it didn't. The two kids that came sang the praises of the food including a diddy about carrots and as for the adults, I for one just enjoyed sitting out on the back with a glass of wine enjoying the mild weather, good food and pleasant company even if we were short one super hero. Her presence was missed but we all know it's hard to get that stuff outta your system after a sewer mission. See ya Friday!


Script for May 22nd, 2006

KRO-GAR:    What Rats and KRO-GAR do today?

Rats:    Well, I owe this guy a favor.

KRO-GAR:    Rats want KRO-GAR to fix favor?

Rats:    Hmmm.  You want to do that?

KRO-GAR:    Sure, Rats is boss.

Rats:    Great kid.  This is his daughter, Innocence.  She thinks she's a hero.

Rats:    KRO-GAR baby-sit Innocence.

KRO-GAR:    kro-gar.