News for January 13th, 2006

So there ya have it.  That is how we spend our time off. 

Now, if you do not have a Cold Stone get one as soon as possible.  It is some awesome ice cream.  In a bit we will share with you our favorite mix's and you should go there and try them.  Not only that, but you should demand it be called by their proper names and have them added to their standard list!

Sloppy Joe:

Chocolate ice cream (love it size)

Peanut Butter (and no skimping on the peanut butter, I say that every time and I sometimes get the spoon with peanut butter on it)


Hot Fudge (mixed in, how else would it get sloppy)

Have them put it in a chocolate dipped bowl with NO sprinkles.

Eat the first bit and marvel at the amazing concoction of ice cream.  About halfway through, push the ice cream through the bottom of the waffle bowl into the cup.  Use the spoon to start breaking the bowl and eat it in chunks.  BE CAREFUL not to drop a single piece of chocolate.  Then scoop the bowl clean.  There is no reason to make a spectacle of yourself by licking the bottom of the bowl.  If you are wanting to do that, you should have gotten the next size up.  I prefer Love It sized (medium) but you can do it with smaller.  The mix in proportions will be a little off though if you go bigger or smaller.

Now for Nitui's favorite.

The What You Should Eat If You Are Not A Huge Chocolate Fan (we are open to a shorter name for this one):

French Vanilla ice cream (Like it size)

1 scoop of pralines

1 scoop of pecans

Hot Fudge

Caramel (specify more caramel then hot fudge)

Put it in a plain waffle cone Eat all the ice cream first then the cone. Don't worry, their cones won't leak on you.

Something else we learned, warn your friends where they are going before you get there.  If not they might by a large hamburger and fries before going and will be unable to enjoy the ice cream completely.  Right Doc?

In other news, we are going to go get some ice cream, see you next week!

Well, there you go you can see what kind of comic I make went I'm sick and doped up on NyQuil. Hope you enjoy and for those who were hoping to get a glimpse of Ninja's warming smile I'm sorry to disappoint though as promised his mask was removed! Personally, my favorite is the sewer water dripping off his belt…ewww! As Deadly Nightshade pointed out those sewer missions are dirty work. I'm sure if we really knew what was in that water it'd make our skin crawl. …trying not to picture it …NEW TOPIC! Still doing the job search thing. I guess the holidays are not the time to be job hunting but hoping something pops up soon. We are trying to refinance so I'm gonna also be doing house cleaning a go-go. Oh! I also whipped up a couple of smilies that were requested in the forums so, check those out. That's all for now folks, see ya Monday!


Script for January 13th, 2006

Nitui    Some folks wonder what Ninja and I do on our days off.

Ninja Comic    Well, we thought we would share with you.

Ninja Comic    Most of our time is spent doing laundry.

Nitui    Yeah, as I am sure you know, sewer missions are the worst.

Ninja Comic    But for fun we go to Cold Stone for ice cream! Even though it's hard to eat through the mask.

Nitui    Aren't you afraid of losing your secret identity?

Ninja Comic    Got it covered.