News for January 9th, 2006

All the news that is fit to print.

First, I guess we need to introduce the two new villains up top.  They are Rat Maloney and KRO-GAR.  She is one mean vermin of a martial artist and KRO-GAR, well he's not too bright and loves money.  Because of that, I get to type fewer words while playing him in game.

Second, there are these protesting people hanging out around the villain newbie area.  For some unknown reason they are not targetable.  I have no idea why they would make them like that, but they sure are annoying.  Of course, the first time I went into the much harder area called Cup Au Diable, I was beaten to pulp but two guys with protest signs.  There is no justice in this game, not even for the villains.

And last, there is no new movie review this week.  I know you guys will never know what to go see.  So I think I will recommend you rent the movie Galaxy Quest.  The language is not too bad and the humor is dead on, if you like making fun of Star Trek fans. Let's face it, in these hard economic times, who doesn't like to make fun of Star Trek fans. Even if you are one.

Poor Rats! Well, you know what they say - try, try again. She is my first Stalker and she's fun to play. I'm working on a back story thanks to help from Loch it's rounding out to be pretty good and when it's finished I'll post it in the forums. To go with Ninja's theme of Star Trek I was recently sent this link. (Thanks Mike) I'm told that it's some of the best amateur trek stuff.

I'd also like to shout out to our new Super Villain Group Zero Mercy. We were just running along and ran into Animus in game and recognized the site and figured what the hay. That's all for now, See You Friday...when DUN DUN...Ninja will be taking off his mask! Tune into this exciting episode!


Script for January 9th, 2006

KRO-GAR    What wrong with Rat?

Rats Maloney    Well, I wanted to go on a murderess rampage and kill all those useless protesters.

KRO-GAR    KRO-GAR hear you can kill dem in Cup-O-Dubble.

Author's Note    A few hours later in Cap Au Diable

KRO-GAR    What wrong with Rat?

Rats Maloney    I just got beat up by a bunch of protesters.