News for December 30th, 2005

Well, I'm gonna keep this short as it's almost midnight and Ninja has to get up in five short hours and I can't talk him into going to bed with out me. Look for a new website layout up and coming and a couple new story arcs. Aren't Girl Scout and Boy Scout cute singing their holiday songs? Keep an eye out for more movie reviews if I will finally talk someone into going to Memoirs of a Geisha with me. /looks at Neo and Ninja.

Christmas dinner was a smashing success and for me it really made it feel like Christmas. (see Ninja's post for more) Oh and don't get put off by the sound of “beer can chicken” It's great and I hate the taste of beer as well as many others who loved the chicken. See ya Monday! Happy New year!

Welcome back, hope your Holiday went well.  Ours was fantastic...aside from the cold I seem to always catch right before we host a holiday dinner.  In spite of the coughing and wanting to curl up in a ball, we had 12 people for dinner that night, including two three year olds. 

Everything went well and the food was awesome.  Nitui did a great job with making both a roast and beer can chicken.  Special thanks to my brother in law in AZ for sending us home with a rack.

In other news, we saw two, count 'em two movies!  King Kong and The Producers!  The reviews are here.

We have in the works, a large project for the strip.  We have a few more on the list then we are launching into "PJ Chronicles presents..." well, something literary.  But it won't be will still be a comic.


Script for December 30th, 2005

The Scouts    Frostling the Snowman

The Scouts    Is a fairytale they say

The Scouts    He was made of snow

The Scouts    But the heroes know

The Scouts    How he came to life one day

The Scouts    There must have been some magic

The Scouts    In that old silk hat they found

The Scouts    For when they placed it on his head

The Scouts    He began to attack all around...