News for July 5th, 2005

Well, in case you did not catch that, she said yes. We hope you have enjoyed our first attempt at a story arc of sorts and the bonus strip on the first.

In other news, I am claiming victory over the snow on the mountain plant from Hell. The front yard is now finished with new ground cover and three new bushes. Yesterday, I fixed the back gate. In other words it was non-stop work even on the fourth. Hope your fourth was good and safe.

Well, we've had a very green weekend. As, Ninja said we've got new bushes...maybe I'll get off my butt and take some pictures. If I do I'll post them for ya. We've been debating on where to go for the honeymoon. Seeing how ninja is not that fond of sun and fun any suggestions?

We're talking to friends and might start a D&D game (vers 1). This will be fun for me as I haven't played before. As well as I might soon be returning to the stage. A friend of mine and I are putting together an improv. troupe. If you haven't see improv live SEE it. It is so much better than the BS they call improv on TV. 


Script for July 5th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    Did it just get dark all of a sudden?

Nitui:    DADDY!

Nitui:    Ninja, this is my father.

Tank Daddy:    You marrying my daughter?

Ninja Comic:    Yes, sir.

Tank Daddy:    You love my daughter?

Ninja Comic:    Yes, sir.

Tank Daddy:    You gonna cheat on my daughter?

Ninja Comic:    Yes, sir.

Ninja Comic:    I mean NO!!

Ninja Comic:    NO SIR!!