News for May 24th, 2005

'ello all,
Well we're trying a new art style..would like to hear your thoughts. This was done in PhotoShop using the pen tool and many hours. I'm hoping the process speeds up but, either way I like it cause it allows us to use facial expressions as seen in today's comic. So, sign up to the forums and let us know what ya think or send us mail....everyone likes mail. Sadly this actually did happen to me, I created a toon and never turned her around. I thought the cutouts were cool until my best friend (played by Girl scout) pointed out that I'd missed a piece.

On another note, We're gonna see Star Wars tomorrow. No, I wasn't in line and no I didn't even remotely attempt to go on opening night. I know I might get my geek licence revoked but, hey I must say it...I'm no more looking forward to Star Wars than I am any major summer block buster. You all remember that this was done by the same man who gave us JAR JAR just two short(okay not that short) movies ago? On top of that only last movie turned one of the best bad guys of all time into a whiney angsty teenager? Amidala please? what did you see? Okay I'm done. ::steps down off her soap box:: Needless to say I'm trying not to get my hopes up...but there is a wookie army....

(Ninja has a great idea how all these movies could have been better. I'll see if I can talk him into sharing that with you)

On another note watch for next weeks comic depending on how behind I am Ninja might do the art side of the should be interesting. All keep your fingers crossed for me, the 1st is when I have to hand all my work in to get my degree.


Script for May 24th, 2005

Girl Scout:    Hey Girl, What's wrong?

Girl w Big Gun:     I'm ticked off!

Authors Note:     PJ Chronicles presents: Girl Talk

Girl w Big Gun:     Here I am trying to make the city safe for people to walk down the street and all I get are rude cat calls and "Hey Babies" from every guy out there.

Girl Scout:    Well they are bad guys, what do you want?

Girl w Big Gun:     Bad guys? That was Wincott from the Hollows! He's a cop and married and he hands me the line "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go." The jerk.

Girl Scout:    Well, you did leave off the backside of your pants.

Pedestrian:     I heard Lieutenant Wincott said Girl w Big Gun is pretty Hawt!

Girl w Big Gun:     'Scuse me.

Girl w Big Gun:     Gotta go.