News for May 3rd, 2005


Well, to be more specific, I hate configuring them. The graphics, the colors the poking around in here is not fun. This is why I have Nitui around amongst other things .

But they are up and running thanks to her actual knowledge of how to do this. Good thing she can multi-task. Currently she is working on three web sites at once. Two are projects for school and one is for an actual client as well as school. Me, I'll stick with a full time job, it's easier.


Script for May 3rd, 2005

Nitui:    Whacha doin'?

Almond Joy:     Camping tickets for "Revenge of the Sith."

Nitui:    Why?

Almond Joy:     Well, I am a big fan of Science Fiction. You know, different world's where they have cool powers like floating...

Almond Joy:     and moving things with their minds...

Almond Joy:     or light sabers that can burn through stuff.

Nitui:    Hmm, is that so?

Almond Joy:     Well, yeah.

Almond Joy:     That and Samuel Jackson's pretty hawt.